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Unilong Group have operated in good faith the principle of positive, open up, after years of hard work, our brand ULi-Eco already received the honorary title in biodegrade material field. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs of our partners. We already achieved product-related certificates including ISO9001, BPI DIN NTSQP, etc. There is a saying in the market “Uli-ECO, you’ll like it”.

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3D PCL Scaffold For Nose Surgery

Molecular formula
EINECS number
Septal extension graft
Molecular weight
Warranty period
12 months
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The stent is made from a bioabsorbable polymer that biodegrades via hydrolysis within 18-24 months. ​

Provides good structural support for long-term aesthetic nose reconstruction results.

We are a professional Polycaprolactone (PCL) manufacturer, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials. Unilong Industry have pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade PCL.



Product name Medical thermoplastics Orthopedic fixed plate
Function Tendon Release Pain Relief , protect finger
Application finger phalange fractures; Dislocation of interphalangeal joi
Color White
Size 60*60


Provides good structural support for long-term aesthetic nose reconstruction results.

Features and Benefits

(1) Strong plasticity: It can be completely transparent and softened in hot water at 60-70 ℃, and can be freely stretched and molded. The operation is simple and fast.

(2) With memory function: When the molding is not satisfactory, it can be put back in hot water at 60-70 ℃ to soften again, and the material can be restored to its previous size and shape, and can be reshaped and reused.

(3) Good breathability and not afraid of water: The low-temperature thermoplastic board is equipped with many meshes to increase skin ventilation, heat dissipation, and perspiration functions, and can prevent skin redness and itching. At the same time, patients can take a bath and clean themselves at any time, which is conducive to improving the patient’s quality of life.

(4) Light weight, thin thickness, high strength: The thickness of low-temperature thermoplastic sheet is 1.6-4.0 mm, which is only 1/4-1/3 of the weight of gypsum. It has high toughness, is not easy to be damaged or broken, and is safe and reliable to use. . There was no allergic reaction to the patient’s skin.

(5) With bonding function: During thermoplastic molding operations, the surface or cross-section of the low-temperature thermoplastic plate can be bonded arbitrarily, making the doctor’s operation simple, convenient and fast.

(6) Good X-ray penetration: During review, patients can take flat-panel fluoroscopy and radiography, which will not affect or weaken the effects of X-ray fluoroscopy and radiography.

(7) Easy to disassemble: When the low-temperature thermoplastic board needs to be removed after use, it can be cut with ordinary scissors, and the operation is very simple.

(8) Environmentally friendly materials: After being discarded and buried in the soil, they can biodegrade in 8 to 12 months


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