Application of Poly(D,L-lactide) (PDLLA)

With the continuous advancement of medical technology, more and more degradable materials are implanted in the human body to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs. Due to its good biocompatibility and degradability, PDLLA material is widely used in the development and production of bone tissue engineering materials for clinical fracture fixation or bone defect implants. It is currently the most commonly used synthetic degradable material in medicine.

PDLLA is an amorphous polylactic acid polymer. It is a racemic polymer with no optical activity and a molecular weight half-life of 3 to 12 weeks. PDLLA eventually degrades into carbon dioxide and water in the human body, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body and is suitable as a carrier for drugs. Although the simple PDLLA material has good biocompatibility, degradability and absorbability, it also has the following problems:

1.The chemical structure of the PDLLA material lacks reactive functional genes, resulting in insufficient hydrophilicity and difficulty in cell adhesion;

2.The degradation products of PDLLA material are acidic and affect the growth of cells;

3.Pure PDLLA material has insufficient mechanical strength and duration, making it difficult to be used as a bone tissue engineering scaffold material.

Therefore, the use of pure PDLLA materials in the medical field will be subject to some inevitable limitations, and the research on using excellent complementary PDLLA composite materials to address its shortcomings is becoming more and more eye-catching.

In the field of bone tissue engineering material development and research, in view of the shortcomings of PDLLA materials such as non-osseoconductivity, slow repair speed of bone defects, and insufficient strength, some materials with good tissue compatibility, osteoconductivity and bone bioactivity are often used together. materials to form composite materials.

In recent years, research has found that composite materials can make up for the shortcomings of single materials and exert synergistic effects, significantly improving the repair ability of PDLLA materials in clinical practice.

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