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DL-Lactide CAS 95-96-5

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DL-Lactide is the lactone cyclic ester derived by multiple esterification between two (usually) or more molecules from lactic acid (2-hydroxypropionic acid) or other hydroxy carboxylic acid.
Lactide can be polymerized into polylactide. Depending on the catalyst, syndiotactic or heterotactic polymers can be produced. The resulting material, polylactic acid, has many attractive properties.

ULI-ECO uses lactic acid raw materials to produce lactide, mainly using lactic acid polycondensation to generate lactic acid oligomers, and then depolymerization and cyclization of lactic acid oligomers to generate lactide. The whole process needs to be carried out under the conditions of high temperature, negative pressure and catalysis. In order to improve the overall yield, the unreacted materials should be refluxed and reused. Finally, qualified lactide products can be obtained through certain purification methods. The production process of lactide mainly includes polycondensation, depolymerization, cyclization and purification.



CAS 95-96-5
Purity >98.0%
M.p. 123~125
Appearance Whitecrystal
Lacticacid <0.2%
Water 0.4%
Rotation -0.2~+0.2


DL-Lactide is used to produce 2-hydroxy-propionic acid 1-(1-phenyl-ethoxycarbonyl)-ethyl ester. It acts as an important raw material and an intermediate used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyes. It is involved in enzymatic alcoholysis to produce both alkyl (R)-lactates and alkyl (S,S)-lactyllactates.
Lactide can also be used to produce medical high polylactic acid, a cyclic esterification agent. The main uses are suture needles, medical fixing plates/rods, vascular stents, and some breast augmentation fillers for medical beauty because it can enter the human body and can be degraded, degraded into lactic acid and then excreted from the body.

Features and Benefits

1.Lactide is a colorless transparent flaky or needle-like crystal with a melting point of 93-95°C, easily soluble in chloroform and ethanol, and insoluble in water. Easy to hydrolyze and easy to polymerize. It can be used as a cyclic esterification agent for the production of medical high polylactic acid.
2.Lactide can be divided into L-lactide, D-lactide DL-lactide.


25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’container
25kgs/bag, 20tons/20’container

DL-Lactide CAS:95-96-5 DL-Lactide CAS:95-96-5


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