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Unilong Group have operated in good faith the principle of positive, open up, after years of hard work, our brand ULi-Eco already received the honorary title in biodegrade material field. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs of our partners. We already achieved product-related certificates including ISO9001, BPI DIN NTSQP, etc. There is a saying in the market “Uli-ECO, you’ll like it”.

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Hand Rest Position Fixed Plate

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Finger Splint For Health Care
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12 months
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Low-temperature thermoplastic board is a specially synthesized polymer polyester, which is a new polymer material processed by a series of physical and chemical methods. Its molecules are in a stable state in a dry environment at room temperature (10°C-30°C), can be softened after being heated in water at 65-70°C for 1-3 minutes, and can be hardened in 3-5 minutes at room temperature.

It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, It has good breathability, is not afraid of water, is transparent to X-rays, is non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating to the skin, has biodegradability, and is an ideal external fixation material.



Product name


Medical thermoplastics Orthopedic fixed plate




Tendon Release Pain Relief , protect finger




finger phalange fractures; Dislocation ofinterphalangeal joi




Good Permeability










Scope of use:

It is suitable for external fixation of ligament and tendon injuries, phalange fractures, and finger joint dislocations.

It is suitable for external fixation of thumb base fractures, thumb tenosynovitis, tendon and nerve injuries, etc.

Fixation after reduction of fractures and joint dislocations; fixation after joint ligament and other soft tissue injuries, nerve and tendon injuries.

Immobilization after orthopedics such as joint deformities, nerve paralysis and tendon injuries.

Immobilization during acute or chronic inflammation of joints and acute inflammation of soft tissue of limbs.

Fixation during conservative treatment of bone and joint tuberculosis, acute and chronic osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, primary bone tumor metastasis or after lesion removal.

Features and Benefits


Prepare materials and tools, check the water tank, and adjust the water temperature in the water tank to 65-70°C.

Choose appropriate plates according to different conditions, measure the size of the limb to be fixed, design drawings, and select appropriate plates for cutting.

The doctor and patient choose an appropriate position, explain the purpose clearly, and require the patient’s cooperation (wear a spandex gauze pad on the body to protect the skin)

Put the cut sheet into water at 65-70℃, heat it for 1-3 minutes, then take the softened material out of the water and wipe it dry.

Place the plate in the position where the patient needs to be fixed and shape it. The operating time is 3-5 minutes at room temperature (the temperature is suitable so as not to burn the patient). The edges can be turned outwards, while paying attention to the fixed angle.

When fixing the tube type, two pieces can be fixed together.

If the shaping is not successful at the first time, it can be put into water and reshaped. If the edema of the limb disappears, the reshaping can also be done again (avoid significant pulling).

After the plate is hardened and formed, remove it, modify the edge part, and soften and shape again if necessary.

After the molding reaches the fixing requirements, add Velcro to fix it and it’s complete. Windows can be used to open wounds.




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