Is carbomer safe for skin

Carbomer, also known as carbopol, is an acrylic crosslinked resin obtained by crosslinking pentaerythritol and acrylic acid, and is an important rheological regulator. Neutralized carbomer is an excellent gel base for thickening, suspension and other important uses. Cosmetics related to facial masks are added to carbomer, which creates a comfortable affinity for the skin.

The skin is the body’s defense organ and it needs to be properly cared for and protected to maintain its integrity and function. Regular skin care can help prevent skin damage from external factors such as pollutants and UV radiation. Carbomer is one of the commonly used cosmetic skin care raw materials.

Carbomer is a natural resin, which is a chemical intermediate and is often used in daily life as an accessory for various commodities. In general, carbomer has no obvious harm to human skin. On the contrary, for most people, carbomer has a certain protective effect on the skin, which can protect the skin and reduce the irritation and damage of irritating substances on the skin to reduce the occurrence of allergic symptoms. Can be added to cleansing products or lotions, can also be added to sunscreen products, can play the role of surfactants, play a role in lubrication, not only to reduce irritating substances on the skin and mucous membrane irritation and damage, but also to enhance the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet light, reduce ultraviolet light damage to the skin. In addition, carbomer itself is a natural medicinal ingredient, appropriate use helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, for example, carbomer can adhere to the surface of the cornea and can retain fluid, clinical can be used as a substitute for tears to treat dry eye. Therefore, for people with a good physique, carbomer generally does not cause damage to the skin.

At the same time, carbomer is a hydrophilic gel, which has the functions of moisturizing, moisturizing and antioxidant. Therefore, the use of carbomer is usually harmless to the skin. Carbomer has the effect of promoting blood circulation in the skin, and can also repair the barrier function of the skin, helping to improve dry skin, rough skin, itching and other symptoms. In addition, carbomer also has a role in cleaning the skin, which can improve the excessive secretion of skin oil and help prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

Carbomer is not only widely used in the field of cosmetics, but also plays a unique role in the sterilization of epidemic prevention supplies. The demand for disinfection products, especially hand sanitizers for hand sanitizers, has increased rapidly, and carbomer, as one of the main ingredients in hand sanitizers, has received high attention in the industry.

Let’s figure out the three main functions of carbomer:

  1. Thicken. Can produce a wide range of viscosity and fluidity;
  2. Suspension. The insoluble components can be permanently suspended in the system;
  3. Emulsification. Can play an emulsifying and stabilizing role in the oil or water phase.

According to the different functions of carbomer, Carbomer is divided into several main models, such as Carbomer 940 is characterized by the ability to produce high viscosity permanent emulsion and colloids produced by suspension, it has good transparency and short flow; Kapom 934 is characterized by good thickening effect, strong shear resistance, permanent stability at high viscosity, and long flow in aqueous solution, which is suitable for cream cosmetics; Carbomer 941, has an efficient thickening effect, can try clear and transparent water or alcohol, water gel rheology is very short.To be safer, we use ethyl acetate and cyclohexane to make carbomer 980, so that our product ingredients will be safer and more effective.

Seeing here, is it possible to feel that carbomer is a treasure, and is closely related to our lives, and can be applied to a wide range of fields, which also shows that carbomer is safe for the skin. At the same time, I believe that we also understand the different types, effects and roles of carbomer, because the type of carbomer, efficacy is more, so Carbomer has been recognized by the public.

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