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Laboratory Technician

We welcome high-tech talents and solution experts in scientific and biological degradation from all over the world to join Unilong and work together for a green economy.

Job Duties

1.Responsible for the inspection verification and guidance of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, intermediate products and finished products for the production of pharmaceutical products.
2.Guidance on the stability testing of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products.
3.Responsible for the review and revision of relevant quality standards and SOPs.
4.Responsible for the establishment and validation of analytical methods and testing instruments from installation, commissioning confirmation to daily inspection confirmation and validation.
5.Responsible for the measurement instrument inspection and verification work.

Job Requirements

1.College degree or above, majoring in chemistry/pharmacological analysis/food testing.
2.With chemical, microbiology or related professional foundation and inspection technology.
3.With certain statistical knowledge, familiar with the operation of general laboratory testing equipment, be able to independently operate some testing instruments and independent analysis and judgment.
4.Interested in the work, work conscientiously and diligently; think clearly, work solidly, actively, enthusiastically and have a strong sense of responsibility.
5.Have good communication skills and moral cultivation, strong team spirit.


8-hour working system, double off, five insurance and one gold, meal allowance, tuition allowance for employees’ children, holiday parental condolences, etc., generous treatment, and enjoy a series of professional training and holiday welfare treatment of the company.

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