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Low Temperature Radiotherapy Mask

Molecular formula
EINECS number
Low Temperature Radiotherapy Mask
Molecular weight
Warranty period
24 months
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The radiotherapy positioning film is a diaphragm cut from a low-temperature thermoplastic plate. The upper frame is welded and used for fixation during radiotherapy treatment. It has the same performance as the low-temperature thermoplastic plate. It molecules in a dry environment at room temperature (10-30℃) In a stable state, the material becomes transparent after softening at a temperature of 65-70°C. It can be stretched and shaped, and its rigid characteristics are restored at room temperature. It is breathable, not afraid of water, completely transparent to X-rays, and is non-toxic, odorless, and non-toxic to the skin. Irritant and biodegradable.

1. Strong plasticity: it can be completely transparent and softened by putting it in hot water of 65-70 C. It can be controlled appropriately at will. The shaping and operation are simple and fast.
2. It has a memory function: when you are not satisfied with the molding, you can put it back into 65-70C hot water and soften it twice. The material can return to its previous size and shape, and can be molded again and reused.
3. Good waterproof and breathable properties: The radiotherapy film is equipped with numerous meshes to increase skin ventilation, heat dissipation, and perspiration functions, which can prevent skin redness, swelling, and itching. At the same time, patients can bathe and cleanse themselves at any time, which is beneficial to improving the patient’s quality of life.
4. Good X-ray permeability: During re-examination, the patient can wear a film for fluoroscopy and film-taking, which will not affect or weaken the X-ray fluoroscopy and film-taking effect.
5. Environmentally friendly materials: buried in the soil after disposal, it will biodegrade on its own after 8 to 16 months.



Item Specification
Color White, apricot, blue
U-shaped head fixation film 271*255*2.4mm
S-type head fixation film 320*270*3.2mm


Fixation of the head, neck and shoulders, chest, body and other parts during radiotherapy treatment.

Features and Benefits

In the use of tumor radiation therapy
1. According to the condition, the physicist\technician selects the required diaphragm (thickness, strength, mesh) for the head, neck and shoulders, head, neck and shoulders, chest and body.
2. Place the selected diaphragm into a 70-72C constant temperature water tank to soften for 2 minutes. After the diaphragm becomes transparent and soft, take it out of the water tank and wipe it dry.
3. Pre-stretch the diaphragm before stretching. Open your palms and press the diaphragm downward to make the diaphragm longer. Then place the diaphragm to the part of the human body that needs to be fixed for shaping and fixing it at the appropriate location. Comes with base plate.
4. After 20-30 minutes, when the hardening and shaping of the diaphragm reaches the fixed requirements (minimum shrinkage over 20 minutes), draw the marking line. Remove and prepare for re-irradiation.
5. When using Drill 60 for irradiation, windows should be opened in the radiation field area of the fixed film to reduce radiation injury to the patient during irradiation treatment.
4. Contraindications
Do not touch the wound surface directly. Pay attention to protect the skin when using it. The temperature should not burn the patient.
5. Storage
Place in a cool and dry place
6.Valid for 24 months


Place in a cool and dry place


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