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Unilong Group have operated in good faith the principle of positive, open up, after years of hard work, our brand ULi-Eco already received the honorary title in biodegrade material field. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs of our partners. We already achieved product-related certificates including ISO9001, BPI DIN NTSQP, etc. There is a saying in the market “Uli-ECO, you’ll like it”.

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PHBV Polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-valerate

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PHBV is a copolymer of novel biopolymers 3-hydroxybutyrate and 3-hydroxyvalerate. It is a biological material produced by using starch as raw material and using fermentation engineering technology. PHBV is a biopolyester produced by and digested by bacteria and has similar properties to polypropylene. After being discarded, this material is stable even in humid environments, but in the presence of microorganisms, It will degrade into carbon dioxide and water

ULI-ECO provides PHBV which is produced by bacterial fermentation and has the characteristics of complete biocompatibility, good optical activity, good heat resistance, and high barrier properties. It is widely used in medical materials, film materials, packaging materials, tableware, and disposable products. and other fields.



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PHBV can be used in controlled drug release, medical implants and prosthetics, specialty packaging, orthopedic devices, and the manufacture of bottles for consumer products. It is also biodegradable and can be used as an alternative to non-biodegradable plastics.

PHBV has complete biocompatibility and high barrier properties to water and gas, so it is used in medical materials (sutures, bone nails), film materials (mulch, shopping bags, compost bags), disposable products (pens, tableware) ), packaging materials (especially food packaging) and so on have a wide range of application prospects.

PHBV is used as a matrix, and various inorganic cellulose fibers such as starch are used as reinforcements or fillers to prepare biodegradable composite materials with different properties to meet the requirements of different occasions. For example, bio-self-destruct plastics are widely used in medical treatment, and they can act as a support between bones in fracture surgery. It also gradually breaks down on its own as the bone heals.

Features and Benefits

PHBV has excellent performance and a wide range of applications, but its products have problems such as difficult processing, poor thermal stability, high crystallinity, hard and brittle quality, etc. In practical applications, graft modification, copolymerization modification, and blending modification are often used , composite modification and other modification technologies to improve the performance of PHBV and its products, such as blending of PHBV and PCL, blending of PHBV and PLA, blending of PHBV and PBAT, etc.

PHBV has poor toughness and is suitable for injection molding, fiber and other applications. PHBV fiber is made by extracting PHBV and then melt-spinning. As a new type of fiber, PHBV fiber has the characteristics of antibacterial and comfortable, ecological and environmental protection, and good human compatibility.


25kgs/drum, 9tons/20’container
25kgs/bag, 20tons/20’container

PHBV Polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-valerate PHBV Polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-valerate


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