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Unilong Group have operated in good faith the principle of positive, open up, after years of hard work, our brand ULi-Eco already received the honorary title in biodegrade material field. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs of our partners. We already achieved product-related certificates including ISO9001, BPI DIN NTSQP, etc. There is a saying in the market “Uli-ECO, you’ll like it”.

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Polycaprolactone PCL Powder CAS 24980-41-1

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Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable polyester with a melting point as low as about 60 ° C and a glass transition temperature of about -60 ° C. The most common use of Polycaprolactone is to produce special polyurethane. The polymerization itself endows the produced polyurethane with good water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chlorine resistance.

Polycaprolactone (PCL) has a milky white appearance and a waxy texture. It is an organic high polymer that can be obtained with different molecular weights by controlling polymerization conditions. Its thermal stability is good, and the decomposition temperature is much higher than other polyesters. In nature, it is easily decomposed by microorganisms or enzymes, and the final products are water and carbon dioxide. PCL has excellent drug passability and mechanical properties, and can be used as a biomedical material, such as for in vivo implantation materials and drug controlled release materials. It has been approved by the US FDA.

We are a professional Polycaprolactone (PCL) manufacturer, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials. Unilong Industry have pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade PCL. We have regular 60,000-molecular weight , 80,000-molecular weight , and of course we can customize some lower/higher molecular weight. We also have 100 mesh, 60 mesh, 30 mesh and other different particle sizes of PCL.






White powder


Pass 60 mesh≥90%

Intrinsic Viscosity



Melt mass flow rate




Melting Point





1. Medical field
In the medical field, PCL polycaprolactone powder is widely used in the preparation of sutures, artificial blood vessels, and tissue repair materials. Due to its good biocompatibility and degradation performance, it can effectively reduce irritation and injury to the human body, making it an ideal medical material.
2. Packaging field
PCL polycaprolactone powder has good processability and heat resistance, and is widely used in fields such as food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. By making PCL polycaprolactone powder into thin films or plastic bags, the quality and safety of food and drugs can be effectively protected.
3. Textile industry
Due to the excellent softness and wear resistance of PCL polycaprolactone powder, it can be used in the production of textiles. By spinning PCL polycaprolactone powder into yarn or fibers, soft and comfortable fabrics can be made, which are widely used in fields such as clothing, household goods, and industrial textiles.
4. 3D printing field
PCL polycaprolactone powder has good melt flowability and processability, and is widely used in the field of 3D printing. By heating and melting PCL polycaprolactone powder, various complex shaped products such as models, parts, and prototypes can be manufactured using 3D printing technology.


Features and Benefits

1. PCL has good compatibility: it is well compatible with conventional plastics and rubber, and is widely used in plastic modification and adhesives (hot melt adhesives).
2. Low temperature plasticity of PCL: Its melting point is 44-46 ℃, and its crystallinity is about 45%. It is the preferred material for manual molding at low temperatures.
3. PCL has good flexibility: it has a good elongation at break at room temperature.
4. PCL shape memory: The deformed product is restored to its initial shape through heating treatment.
5. PCL biocompatibility: non-toxic, can be well compatible with biological cells in vivo, and can be used as a drug controlled release carrier in vitro.
6. Biodegradability of PCL: Non toxic and biodegradable. It can be completely decomposed into CO2 and H2O in soil and water environments.
7. PCL easy to dye or stain.



Products are packaged in bag,25kg/bag,Avoid rain,collision,packaging damageand pollution during transportation,and comply with the relevant provisions of the transport sector.

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