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Unilong Group have operated in good faith the principle of positive, open up, after years of hard work, our brand ULi-Eco already received the honorary title in biodegrade material field. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs of our partners. We already achieved product-related certificates including ISO9001, BPI DIN NTSQP, etc. There is a saying in the market “Uli-ECO, you’ll like it”.

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Polyglycolide PGA CAS 26124-68-5

Molecular formula
EINECS number
Polyglycolide PGA
Molecular weight
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POLYGLYCOLIDE, also known as PGA, is a simple linear aliphatic polyester with a simple and regular molecular structure. PGA has a high crystallinity and forms crystalline polymers. The crystallinity is generally 40%~80%. The melting point is about 225 ℃. PGA is insoluble in common organic solvents and only soluble in strong polar organic solvents such as hexafluoroisopropanol.

PGA has unique performance and competitive advantages in the fields of packaging and general plastic products. The PGA produced by Unilong Industry Co., Ltd. has high strength – tensile strength of 110Mpa and excellent mechanical properties; PGA can be used in combination with other polymer materials for extrusion and injection molding, and can also be blended with other resins to prepare polymer alloy materials.



Appearance Yellow to light brown solid
Melting point 220-240℃
Moisture <0.5%
Ignition residue ≤0.5%
Total heavy metal content (Pb ) ≤10ppm
Acid value >6.5
Melting index (mfr) <30.0g/10min


The biomedical applications of PGA are mainly manifested in medical sutures, drug controlled release carriers, fracture fixation materials, tissue engineering scaffolds, and suture reinforcement materials.
The ecological application of PGA is to replace the widely used biologically stable general-purpose plastics in the plastic industry with fully biodegradable plastics that are beneficial to the environment. PGA is mainly used as a sustained-release system to control the release rate of herbicides. The most obvious advantage of using PGA agricultural film is that it will not cause environmental pollution like the widely used PE and PVC. This film can automatically degrade after a few years of use and will not pollute land and water sources. PGA can also be used as a water retaining material for forestry wood, aquatic products, soil, and desert greening.

Features and Benefits

PGA is a biodegradable aliphatic polymer with fast degradation speed; Good biocompatibility; Biodegradation is mainly achieved through simple hydrolysis; Having biological reabsorption;, Good processability; The degradation rate, physical properties, mechanical properties, and other properties can be achieved by the various molecular weights and copolymers of PGA.


25KG/drum or 1kg/bag. During storage, the products should be sealed, dried and stored at low temperature (refrigerator freezing -20 ℃), and sealed with a sealing machine (after use, Surplus product should not be stored in self sealing bags).

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