What are the applications of industrial grade PCL

With the development of modern industry, especially the rapid development of petrochemical industry, a large number of synthetic resins and plastic products with excellent performance and low price have been provided for industrial and agricultural production and people’s daily life.

At the same time, these materials are also easy to cause white pollution. They decompose very slowly under normal conditions and are improperly handled after use. They are discarded in fields, rivers, mountains, streets and other places, seriously polluting the human living environment. This makes We have to pay attention to the protection of the environment.

As people’s environmental awareness continues to increase, and as the country vigorously strengthens and supplements support for the research and development of degradable materials, degradable plastics are gradually coming into people’s vision.

Uli-ECO’s polycaprolactone polymer has a wide range of applications and is widely used as sound insulation materials for building walls, roofs, doors and windows. Therefore, there is a growing demand for polycaprolactone as an insulating material in the construction industry.

polycaprolactone biodegradable can also be used in 3D printing, car models, and plastic films.

Polycaprolactone polyol can be used in adhesives, polyurethane elastomers, coatings and other fields.

At the same time, the rising application demand for pcl polymer will drive the rapid development of the ε-caprolactone industry!

In addition to its good environmental protection, safety and degradability, the biggest feature of PCL material is low-temperature formability. Polycaprolactone products melting point is only 60-63°C, which is far lower than conventional 3D printing materials such as ABS and Polylactic Acid, making it more and more popular in the 3D printing industry.

There are generally two types of pigment refill consumables for 3D printing pens on the market today, namely PCL consumables, PLA consumables. Their properties vary depending on the material:

1.After adding pigments to PCL material, it becomes brighter after shaping, and its impact resistance is better than that of Polylactic Acid material. However, PCL material is not resistant to high temperatures, and even hot water of 50-60°C may soften the PCL material. Then deformation occurs.

2.The melting point of Poly-L-lactic acid material is above 150°C. Compared with ordinary plastics, it is relatively brittle, not impact-resistant and has insufficient flexibility. It cannot rebound when it falls, and the weak parts can easily break, but it is more suitable for making some small handicrafts. . The color of PLA material is much brighter than that of ABS material, and there is no need to worry about shrinkage when cooling. However, PLA materials are prone to clogging of pen tips, especially metal pen tips, so pay more attention to cleaning them.


Recently, polycaprolactone suppliers Unilong Industry Co.,Ltd has launched a new polymer process technology and has complete degradable material technology solutions (PLA, PGA, PBS, PLGA,PCL). From chemical research and development to process development, different dimensions are combined to create processes. The optimal solution to the solution, everyone is welcome to come and discuss it!

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