What are the functions of polycaprolactone?

Due to environmental concerns as well as energy concerns, the field of biodegradable materials has become very popular, and more and more research work has turned to the creation of bio-based materials!

As a biodegradable material -polycaprolactone, What are the functions of polycaprolactone? What are the advantages and disadvantages of polycaprolactone?

In terms of biocompatibility: polycaprolactone polymer is used in the human body and has good compatibility with cells, can attach to the growth of cells, and can follow the activities of the human body, and eventually degrade into carbon dioxide and water.

The degradation of PCL in vivo is divided into two stages: the first stage shows a continuous decline in molecular weight, but no deformation and weight loss; The second stage means that after the molecular weight is reduced to a certain value, the material begins to lose weight and is gradually absorbed and excreted by the body.

In terms of biodegradability: the products produced by polycaprolactone polymer can be degraded through soil and water, and will eventually decompose into carbon dioxide and water. (For example, the plastic bags we produce can be buried through the soil, and can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide after 6-12 months, which will not pollute our environment)

It can be compatible with PE, PP, PC, PVAC, PVB, PVE, PA and so on:Polymers such as PCL are commonly used as additives to resins to improve polycaprolactone processing and end-use characteristics (e.g., impact resistance). polycaprolactone can be mixed with starch to reduce its cost and improve biodegradability, or it can be added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a polymer plasticizer.

In solvent solubility: it can be well dissolved in aromatic compounds, ketones and polar solvents. (Note, however, that pcl polymer is insoluble in n-hexane)



Although PCL as a biodegradable material is quite popular with people, but its specific advantages will also have some disadvantages, let Unilong to share with you!

Compared with petroleum-derived polymers,bio-based polymers also have some disadvantages: polycaprolactone has poor mechanical properties, slow degradation, and low cell adhesion

PCL polymer is relatively hydrophobic in nature. In order to make it hydrophilic, and enhanced cell compatibility is required. It is reported that in order to obtain the maximum cell adhesion, researchers need to strictly control his optimal water contact Angle value.

The degradation rate of polycaprolactoneis slow (3-4 years). It is degraded by hydrolysis and decomposition of ester groups, depending on many factors such as ambient temperature, humidity and light. Promoting the degradation of PCL requires sufficient oxygen and microorganisms, as well as appropriate temperature and humidity.

In recent years, the demand for biodegradable materials used in medical and sanitation and environmental protection modification in the global market has increased significantly. Due to the unique performance of polycaprolactones, the development prospects in specific fields are promising: such as the field of packaging plastics, automotive, construction and other industrial fields, orthopedic medical and aesthetic suture and other medical fields are constantly expanding! So, where can I buy polycaprolactone raw materials? Unilong from China is polycaprolactone suppliers with a purity of 99.9%!

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