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Polyhydroxyalkanoate abbreviated as PHA, is a general term for a class of high molecular weight polyesters synthesized by microorganisms. PHA is made from corn, potato and other starch-based biomass or straw cellulose as raw materials, fermented to produce lactic acid, and further purified and polymerized to prepare high-purity PLA, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, antibacterial, flame retardant and good biocompatibility.

Uli-ECO provides technologically advanced PHA injection molding grade, blister grade, blow film grade, foam grade, and other fully biodegradable materials throughout the entire line. PHA are a type of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) material, which is a biopolymer material directly synthesized by Uli-ECO through microbial fermentation in microorganisms. PHAs have high added value properties such as biocompatibility, biodegradability, and piezoelectric properties. They have good usability and processing properties, and their basic properties are similar to polypropylene. They can be processed and molded using traditional plastic processing equipment such as injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, wire drawing, and molding, and can replace the vast majority of petroleum based plastics. The biodegradation rate of PHAs can be controlled by the composition of their copolymers according to different application needs.

The biggest feature of PHA is that it can be decomposed by microorganisms in almost all environments, such as compost, soil, seawater, and so on. The products after decomposition are mostly water and carbon based, and will not pollute the environment. This discovery has raised the voice of PHA in the field of disposable plastic products under the background of plastic ban, and also provided a green and sustainable development thinking for primary plastic replacement products.

PHA is a biodegradable material that uses renewable biomass as raw material and is synthesized entirely by microorganisms; PHA has excellent performance in terms of biological non-toxicity and is a non-toxic or even edible degradable plastic.

The recycling and treatment of PHA also has unique advantages – traditional waste plastics are generally disposed of through landfill or incineration, resulting in pollution issues such as land and air. PHA, on the other hand, can be processed through a series of treatments and used as feed to generate economic benefits again, achieving a dual cycle of material and economy.

In addition to the similar thermoplasticity of traditional plastics, PHA also has unique properties, including biological regeneration, biodegradability, gas separation, biological Histocompatibility, anticoagulation, hydrophobicity, optical isomerism and other characteristics, which makes it a high-end biomedical material with unique advantages in the fields of medical equipment, tissue engineering and drug carriers.

Especially in terms of its ability to support cell growth, it can provide an environment for the growth of various tissues, organs, and cells, and its degradation products are mostly present in animals, with carcinogenicity. Therefore, there is development potential for applications in medical sutures, repair devices, repair patches, bandages, cardiovascular patches, orthopedic needles, anti adhesion membranes, scaffolds, guided tissue repair/regeneration equipment, joint cartilage repair scaffolds, nerve conduits, tendon repair devices, spinal cord scaffolds, artificial esophagus, and wound dressings.

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