What Is PVP K30

PVP K30, is one kind of specification in Polyvinylpyrrolidone K series. The CAS number is 9003-39-8. It is a kind of white powder, with USP26 or USP43 grade.

PVP K30 is easily soluble in water, alcohol, amines and halogenated hydrocarbons, but insoluble in acetone, ether, etc. It has excellent solubility, biocompatibility, physiological inertness, film-forming properties, film protection ability and the ability to combine various organic and inorganic compounds. It is relatively stable to acids, salts and heat, so it has a wide range of uses.

PVP K30 is widely used in medicine and industry:
Pharmaceutical field: PVP K30 is one of the three new pharmaceutical excipients advocated internationally. The most widely used is the binder for tablets and granules. It can also be used as a glidant for capsules, a detoxifier and lubricant for eye drops, a co-solvent for injections, a dispersant for liquid preparations, and a stabilizer for enzymes and heat-sensitive drugs.

PVP K30 can also be synthesized with iodine into PVP K30-iodine (PVP-I) disinfectant. In contact lenses, PVP is used as a component of contact lenses to increase their hydrophilicity. PVP can also be used as a low-temperature medicine preservative.

Industrial field: PVP K30 can be used as surface coating agent, dispersant, thickener, and adhesive in pigments, printing inks, textiles, printing and dyeing, and color picture tubes. PVP can improve the bonding performance of adhesives to metal, glass, plastic and other materials.

In addition, PVP is used in separation membranes, medical polymer materials, light-curing resins, light-curing coatings, optical fibers, and laser discs. The applications in emerging high-tech fields are also becoming increasingly widespread.

Besides PVP K30, Polyvinylpyrrolidone has a series of K value and below is the list of PVP K-series that Unilong can supply.

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