What is VA64?

VP/VA copolymer products are copolymerized with different proportions of NVP and vinyl acetate, and exist in powder form. They are odorless and tasteless, do not absorb moisture, are soluble in water, ethanol and anhydrous alcohols, and have good adhesion, hygroscopicity, film-forming properties and surface activity.

PVP VA64, with CAS 25086-89-9 and molecular formula: (C6H9NO)n(C4H6NO2)m, is a white or off-white powder.

Copovidone (PVP VA64) is a linear copolymer structure of N-vinylpyrrolidone (NVP) and vinyl acetate (VA), so it has the properties of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinyl acetate (PVAC). It retains the good water solubility, adhesion and film-forming properties of PVP, and has broader solubility, better plasticity and stronger surface activity than PVP. The pyrrolidone structure in copovidone allows it to have good solubility in many solvents such as water, ethanol and methylene chloride, and the vinyl acetate group lowers its glass transition temperature.

VA64 has the following characteristics:

It is a 6:4 copolymer of N-vinylpyrrolidone and vinyl acetate, and has good plasticity and compressibility;
It is less hygroscopic than Povidone K30 and has a lower glass transition temperature, with Tg around 110-113C;
Low viscosity makes glassy drugs and polymers easy to extrude.

VA64 has wide use for pharma industry.
As a high-quality direct compression binder, it improves the compressibility of granules and can also be used for dry and wet granulation:
Used as a high-quality coating film-forming agent for tablet film coating;
As a high-quality drug carrier, it is especially suitable for the preparation of solid dispersions by hot melt extrusion process.

Unilong is professional manufacturer of VA64 in China, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of VA64. Unilong can supply different grades including industrial and USP26 grades with high quality to meet your application.

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